Monday, April 30, 2018

Summer Tech Must Haves with Shopee Philippines!

Geeks! Do you feel the heat? You know what that means! It's Summer! So are you ready for your Summer Adventure? Let us help you. Here are our Summer Tech must haves available with Shopee Philippines!

So what to bring... Well better choose where to put your accessories as summer means beach and water. Electronics and water don't mix well and an accident is quite expensive and so keep your gadgets safe with a waterproof dry bag.

Waterproof Dry Bag

Whether smartphone or action cam you would really need a waterproof case. Not just for protection but for using it under water and take photos of the amazing world underneath.

Waterproof Case
Photography eh? Then you really need to carry around a tripod. It is one essential equipment for taking great landscapes as well as for taking silky water, perfect for visiting falls and other running waters. Just small tripod would do that may act also as a selfie stick and may attach itself to branches. Joby Gorilla Pods are recommended. ;-)

Joby Tripods

Running out of juice yet there is only one socket?!!! Better get a Charging Hub so you could charge your smartphones as well as other devices including your powerbank. Your friends would also appreciate this haha. Tronsmart is good brand that support quick charge and fast charging.

Tronsmart Charging Hub
Planning to party? then play your music by bringing along a water-proof speaker from JBL! For sure you will enjoy partying on the beach and might get to meet some new friends. JBL Flip 4 and Clip 2 are great choices.

JBL Waterproof Speakers
Go out and enjoy your vacation with friends! If you still have summer needs, just open the Shopee App and you will find what you need. Catch Shopee 5.5 Super Sale that is currently on-going and would offer bigger deals, discounts, and sales on May 5, 2018!

5.5 Shopee Super Sale

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Official Hardware for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds SEA Championship!

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) proudly announced that ROG as the official hardware partner of 2018’s biggest eSports Competition in Southeast Asia, the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS SEA Championship!

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the internationally acclaimed 100-man battle royale eSports developed by PUBG Corporation. Together with ROG, they are setting up the grandest stage for aspiring gamers in Southeast Asia to win its inaugural competition. Happening in six countries, each national final shall have its top squads go to the regional finals.

In the Philippines, elimination matches will happen in key Mineski iCafes (May 5 – June 3) to determine which teams will make it to the National Finals (June 9 – 10), to be held in the SM North EDSA Sky Dome on 9-10th of June. 

For other countries, National Qualifiers is scheduled Indonesia: April 28 – May 13; Malaysia / Singapore: May 5 – May 27; Thailand: May 7 – June 10; and Vietnam: June 16. For National finals - Indonesia: May 19 – 20; Vietnam: June 16; Thailand: June 22; and Malaysia / Singapore: To be announced soon.

PUBG Global Invitational
PUBG Regional Finals will be held in Thailand on June 23 and 24, 2018.  The Regional winner will represent the whole region in the PUBG Global Invitational, set to happen in Berlin, Germany in July 2018.

“ROG continues to dominate the global arena for competitive gaming. With every product we release, we make sure that we take the gamers’ needs at heart. Moreover, we provide a venue where gamers can gather and enjoy gaming together as a big community. So this year, We are excited to host this event in the country and in the SEA region, and we especially want our Filipino gaming fans to rise up on top and challenge the world’s best in the competitive esports world stage,” shares Eason Lin, ASUS Philippines Open Platform Business Group Country Manager.

Aside from the Winning prize of the tournament, ROG will grant the top squad of the country final with four ROG PC sets worth almost P500,000.00 to enable them to prepare better and achieve global dominance. “The intension of ogiving such reward is not only to promo PUBG and ROG to end users. “we also want to help our champions from country final to prepare better and help the Philippines to win the glory from regional final and even the world championship in Berlin of this July,” share Mr. Lin.

ROG Gaming Hardware
Let's not forget the awesome hardware that will be making waves during the competition that you will surely want to have! ROG, with its full range of professional gaming products from ROG motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, notebooks, routers, and peripherals. Each weapon brings out the best in each player to win the coveted chicken dinner.

The next-generation Republic of Gamers (ROG) Strix B360-H motherboard comes with all the enhancements that gamers crave, new cyberpunk aesthetics and performance to match.
Signature features: DIGI+ VRM circuitry that delivers reliable power to the CPU, to OptiMem trace routing that improves memory signaling, resulting in increased stability and performance. Its UEFI BIOS makes it easy for users to fine-tune their rig.

Sports the new cyber-text design and Aura Sync RGB lighting, the B360-H brings out the neo-gamer in its users with customizable, futuristic rig aesthetic. The motherboard also provides better cooling for gaming by intelligently adjusting the speed of system fans based on the GPU temperature of select ASUS and ROG graphics cards.

ROG Strix GTX 1070Ti

Strix GeForce GTX 1070 Ti is engineered with AutoExtreme Technology, MaxContact, and patented WingBlade fans for advanced cooling and reliability features to deliver ultrafast performance, plus Aura Sync illumination for the ultimate in PC personalization. Strix GeForce GTX 1070 Ti is overclocked out of the box to ensure heightened performance at higher graphics quality. Gamers can even get more performance via the use of our acclaimed GPU Tweak 2 software.

ROG Swift PG258Q

ROG Swift PG258Q is a competition-grade gaming monitor that provides seamless visuals and super-smooth gameplay. It features a 25 inch 16:9  FHD (1920 x 1080) panel that is NVIDIA G-SYNC™-ready. Swift PG258Q boasts an overclockable 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms gray-to-gray (GTG) response time guaranteeing smooth and awesome visuals.

ROG Strix Flare
ROG Strix Flare is an Aura-Sync compatible RGB mechanical gaming keyboard that combines top-notch performance with ergonomic comfort, and brings customizable style to a whole new level. Constructed with Cherry MX RGB switches, every press is of optimal actuation to deliver satisfying and reliable keystrokes. Dedicated media keys, including a convenient volume wheel, are located on the upper left of the keyboard for instant access. A USB pass-through port lets gamers connect a mouse or other device, and a detachable wrist rest provides extra comfort during extended gaming sessions.

ROG Pugio
The ROG Pugio gaming mouse offers a truly ambidextrous design with configurable side buttons, so gamers no longer have to alter their natural grip style to avoid accidental clicks on unwanted side buttons. The optical gaming weapon also features an exclusive push-fit switch-socket design, allowing gamers to easily vary click resistance and extend the lifespan of the mouse by replacing the mouse switches. Pugio’s performance is topped off with aggressive aesthetics and dynamic ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting.

ROG Strix 500
ROG Strix Fusion is the world’s first gaming headset to have headset-to-headset RGB lighting synchronization through Aura Sync. These can be controlled via Bluetooth® to synchronize across multiple headsets at once via a dedicated mobile app for Android™ and iOS — eliminating the need for pausing during gameplay. Strix Fusion comes with virtual 7.1-channel surround sound on-board, which combines with our in-house-tuned Essence drivers to provide full, rich surround-sound experiences.

ROG Sheath
ROG Sheath is an extra-large mouse pad optimized for all kinds of gaming mice. ROG Sheath features a woven surface that gives it excellent mouse tracking qualities for smooth, precise control. Designed for the marathon gaming sessions, ROG Sheath has a non-slip ROG-red rubber base that secures it firmly to any desktop surface, and stitched edges that resist fraying.
Other than those... You might want to check out ROG Gaming Laptops.

ROG Zephyrus
Proven since last year, the ROG Zephyrus is a revolutionary gaming laptop born from ROG’s persistent dedication to innovation.

The New ROG Zephyrus GX501 is still the world’s thinnest gaming laptop with a GTX1080 Max-Q and more. Featuring the ROG exclusive Aerodynamic Active System (AAS), the GX501 is able to maintain the power of Intel’s most powerful CPUs and a discrete GTX1080 under great temperatures. Equipped with Intel’s Hexa-Core Core i7-8850H and upgrades the display to an ultra-fast 144 Hz refresh rate IPS panel with G-sync, it’s the world’s most powerful Ultrabook. New to the GX501 this year is the AURA Sync capability and a 1TB PCIEx4 NVME SSD option.

ROG Zephyrus M
Building from the success of the GX501, the new Zephyrus M GM501 series is upgraded with individually-lit keyboard keys with Aura Sync, 3x better battery life and a new Optimus mode that allows the GPU to be switched off when not gaming. Featuring the ROG Active Aerodynamic system, fan size is increased by 33%, airflow by 15%, and the fan blades to 71. This is further boosted by the Hyper Cool design with Duo-Copper Thermal solution, 12 volt fan and Anti-Dust Thermal tunnels for maximum cooling efficiency. With this improved thermal design, the Zephyrus M can house a full powered GTX1070P inside its ultra-thin chassis.

The Zephyrus can be configured with an 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8850 Hexa-Core Processor, 2TB HDD and 512gb PCIEx4 Nvme SSD, 32GB of DDR4 Ram and a 144Hz IPS Panel with G-Sync.

The GL503 Series is as packed as ever! With New Intel Core i7-8850H Hexa-Core Processors, up to 32GB of Ram, 2TB of HDD and 512GB of PCIEx4 NVME SSD, paired with up to a GTX1070 – the GL503 is your best weapon to dominate the battlefield. The new Hero Edition now features 100% sRGB IPS display paired with 120Hz refresh rate while the NEW Scar Edition upgrades its response time to a 100% sRGB screen with super-fast 5ms response time for the most demanding FPS-Games. The GTX1060 and GTX1070 variants, on the other hand can be upgraded to a 144Hz screen so that gamers can maximize the power of their GPU.

The Strix GL series also feature the new 12V fan with Anti-Dust Thermal tunnels for maximum cooling and efficiency paired with an upgraded version of the ROG Gaming Centre for the ultimate control.

Exciting Right? So Gamer Geeks! Game on! Join 2018’s biggest eSports Competition in Southeast Asia, the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND SEA Championship! Get your buddies ready and your squad might represent the Philippines on the international stage!

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Top 10 Tech Finds with Shopee Philippines

Hi Geeks! Looking for what accessories? Here is our list of Top 10 Tech Finds that you can buy with Shopee Philippines!

Shopee Tech
Starting off with Cases and Tempered Glass. Normally after buying a new smartphone, I would look for cases and glass protection for it. Yet sometimes we find it hard as new release smartphone have no accessories yet available. However with Shopee, they have sellers that makes them available even before release of new smartphones. Different types of Cases from shock-proof, clear and those other fancy cases that makes your smartphone unique and protected. Various Kinds of Tempered Glass. Simply Search and Find the model that you want and checkout.

Cases and Covers
Next on our list is MicroSD. Even with the advancement and increase in Internal Storage, I would still prefer external for additional storage and for my files. I like to keep my files on the MicroSD as I change smartphones often. I also require bigger storage as well as fast writing and reading speeds as I shoot RAW format. Sandisk provides me with reliable storage and performance that last. They have an official Store with Shopee Check them out!

Living in the metro, we live a fast pace world that makes us always on-the-go. There will be a time when we ran out of battery whilein transit. Therefore what we need is a handy powerbank that will charge our devices fast and safe. I would recommend Xiaomi Powerbank Version 2 as it has real capacity plus comes with safety features that protects your devices. Supports Quick charge and Super Charge tech of different brands. You will always have power as you go about your activities. Check out > Xiaomi Official Store

Xiaomi Powerbank
Keeping things cool in stressful field environment, we need music in our life and so bring us to choosing the best earphone to give us range, power and clarity to play our songs. KZ ZST earphones will surely deliver immersive sound as well as rockin look and appeal that will alter your reality.

KZ ZST Earphones
Share the good vibes with JBL External Speakers. Whether you are at the park, gym or at the beach. Turn up the volume and get to socializing. Meet People as you party on. You might get that chance of the lifetime of meeting the one that share the love of your tunes. ;-)

JBL Speakers
Talk about passion, well i have one, Photography. I take shots with my smartphone that let me express my creativity. One best accessory when it comes to photography is a tripod. I really need a tripod that I can carry and is versatile and so lead me to Joby Magnetic Tripod. Joby Magnetic Tripod is a cool portable tripod that can latch itself to metallic surfaces. This helps me mount my smartphone on a post or railings and so keeping it steady and so let me shoot even at slower shutter speed.

Joby Gorilla Pod
While searching for your niche in photography, I try new things. Apexel Lens Kit lets me take my photography to other levels. Provides me Wide Angle for taking Architectural and Landscape Shots. See the world up close with Macro Lens and capture what other fail to see. Get that Fisheye effect. There are More Lens from Apexel! Find the things that makes you unique and may turn ot to be your signature in the world of photography.

For sure you will have more photos, meaning you need storage and backup. Then I would recommend a WD External Harddisk for the job. I have been using WD for my storage and have proven it to be reliable and robust. My years of files are still alive thanks to WD.

Well if I don't have budget for that I would save it on USB. To facilitate this you need a hub for usb. I found one best USB Hub which is REMAX Cati 3 USB Port with LAN Adapter. You can connect your usb peripherals as well as gain internet access via direct connection.

Finally my last item would be the Mi Band 2. I may not look like active person but my steps will speak for itself. With Mi Band 2 I can monitor my activities and heartbeat including get my notifications. Best thing I like about it is it can last days and even a month on a single charge.

Mi Band 2
These are my Top Tech Finds that are available with Shopee. You will find them via their Official Store and Trusted Seller with Best Price Available. Shopee 5.5 Super Sale is also ongoing and you might want to checkout these items as well as Flash Deals, Discounts and Sale Items with up to 90% OFF! So what you think geeks?

Shopee 5.5 Super Sale

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Honor Enters Philippine Market with Honor 9 Lite and 7x Smartphones

Honor enters highly competitive Philippine Smartphone Market with Honor 9 Lite and Honor 7x via Shopee Philippines.

Shopee X Honor
Honor 9 Lite and Honor 7x

Honor 9 Lite comes in slim form factor with mirror-like effect in stylish colors - Sapphire Blue and Glacier Grey. Sports 5.66 inch 2K FHD+ IPS Display for detailed and rich viewing experience.

Honor 7x on the otherhand comes with metallic contruction for solid built with corning gorilla glass up front. Display is at 5.93 inch also 2K FHD+. Will be offered in Black and Blue Colors.

Inside, both packs Kirin 659 Octa-Core Processor. Honor 9 Lite at 3GB RAm and 32GB Internal Storage while Honor 7x at 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage. Makes use of Hybrid slot so need to choose either dual sim or room for additional store option.

The two has Dual Rear Camera setup Honor 9 Lite at 13MP + 2MP and Honor 7x at 16MP + 2MP supported with LED Flash. Front camera differs with Honor 9 Lite 13MP+2MP and as for Honor 7x is at 8MP. Face unlock is available. Comes complete with Bokeh, PRO and Lightpainting modes.

Regular Connectity at WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS. USB OTG is supported. 4G LTE guarantees ultra fast data on the go.

As for Battery is at 3000mah for Honor 9 Lite and 3340mah for Honor 7x.

Honor 9 Lite is priced for 7,990 and Honor 7x for 10,990. Pre-order > Honor PreOrder Registration between April 25- May 4 via Honor Philippines Shopee Store

Honor Store

So far these phones are quite a steel with their great aesthetics, hardware and optimized software. Has Gyro so you will be able to use VR and AR. AR.B for the buck! So what you think geeks?

Honor 9 Lite Specs
Android Oreo 8.0
5.66 inch 2K FHD IPS Display
Kirin 659 Octa-Core Processor
Mali T830 MP2
32GB Internal Storage
Expandable via Hybrid Slot up to 256GB
13MP + 2MP Rear Camera
LED Flash
13MP + 2MP Front Camera
1080P Video
WiFi b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.2 LE
Fingerprint Sensor

Honor 7X Specs
Android Nougat
5.93 inch 2K FHD IPS Display
Gorilla Glass
Kirin 659 Octa-Core Processor
Mali T830 MP2
64GB Internal Storage
Expandable via Hybrid Slot up to 256GB
16MP + 2MP Rear Camera
LED Flash
8MP Front Camera
1080P Video
WiFi b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.2 LE
Fingerprint Sensor

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Samsung launches Official Store on Shopee

MANILA, Philippines. Shopee partners with Samsung to open up the Samsung Official Shopee Online Store! 

Samsung fans can now access Samsung's best-selling products via the its online shopping shopee hub, including the new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

In collaboration with MemoXpress, one of Samsung’s official dealers in the Philippines, Samsung is giving away a free VR gear headset worth 5,990 PHP to the first 100 users to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus from April 19 to 21 via the Samsung official online store in Shopee to celebrate the grand launch. 

Shopee users will also get a 500 PHP discount with every minimum spend of 5,000 PHP for all items at the Samsung Official Shopee Store.

The are Samsung bundles at discounted prices exclusively on Shopee:
Samsung J2 Prime (PHP 6,990) + 16GB Carbon Memory Card (PHP 450) for PHP 5,890.
Samsung J7 Prime (PHP 13,990) + Samsung B105 Basic Phone (PHP 1,110) for PHP 12,690.
Samsung J7 Pro (PHP 15,990) + T110 JBL Headphone (PHP 899) for PHP 15,690.

“Shopee is committed to enhancing the overall user experience by collaborating with leading brands like Samsung Electronics,” Shopee Chief Operating Officer Terence Pang said. “We believe this partnership will help provide users with more choices when shopping for mobile devices on our platform. Moving forward, we aim to initiate more of such strategic partnerships to drive the potential of our company’s e-commerce capabilities.”

Other Samsung line up are also available like Samsung Galaxy S Series, A Series, J Series, and Note Series. All these are covered by Shopee’s Mall Guarantee - 100% Authenticity Guarantee, 7 Days Return, Free Shipping, and Cash on Delivery nationwide. 

Samsung also has plans to further expand their offerings on Shopee to include not just mobile gadgets, but also other consumer electronics such as home appliances.

Currently Ongoing is also the 5.5 Shopee Super Sale campaign, the biggest mid-year online sale in the Philippines from now until May 5; featuring massive promotions including 55-peso deals, daily in-app vouchers and surprises, as well as discounts up to 90 percent across a wide range of categories. For more information, visit

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Zenfone 5 Sells Out Fast After Launch!

Zenfone 5 is Selling Like Hotcakes!

April 18, 2018 will forever go down in the history books of ASUS Philippines, as within just minutes after they revealed the official pricing of the ZenFone 5 Series, consumers went to buy the latest generation of ZenFone 5!

The ZenFone 5 was declared sold out in just 45 minutes! This was also true for on-site sales during the launch event itself held at One Esplanade, Pasay City which brought the total sell-out of 1,000 ZenFone 5’s and ZenFone 5Q’s combined in just under an hour of their first day in the country.

With the demand for both phones continuously growing each day, ASUS Philippines has made sure stores in major malls have been re-stocked as early as Monday morning.

Fans who tuned in found themselves happily surprised at the official released specs of every phone, coupled with their bang for the buck prices.

“ASUS ZenFones aim to empower luxury – this philosophy continues with the new ZenFone 5 family; especially with ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5Q.” ASUS Philippines Country Manager, George Su, stated. “We want to share with everyone and, likewise, we also want everyone to enjoy the best  affordable technology the world has to offer.”


Emir Kahn Bautista, a known Wedding Photographer and the newest name to be included in roster of Pixel Masters. - “As a professional Photographer, I find Zenfone 5 as a device that speaks art, sees art, and hears art. It's my best tool to tell stories artistically anywhere and everywhere I go,”

Internationally acclaimed photographer and long-time Pixel Master, Jasper Tejano, also chimed in, “From imagining the image to seeing the final output online, the Zenfone 5 is a joy to use as my capable creative tool in photography.”

ASUS certainly has their eyes on the prize, as they continue their development of what they were best loved for – mobile photography. The newest ZenFone 5 certainly raised the bars, entering the competition strong with its newest and latest AI camera technology that allows anyone the best photo taking experience a smartphone can offer.

The ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5Q is officially available nationwide! Zero0% interest on Home Credit for 6 months. The ZenFone 5 is priced only at PHP19,995.00 and the ZenFone 5Q is for the affordable rate of PHP 16,995.00.


From April 14 to 24, buyers of ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5Q get the chance to win the a brand new Toyota Vios! Find out how over at!

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Free Youtube Everyday With Smart Telecommunications

PLDT-Smart announces partnership with Youtube bringing Free Youtube Everyday for its subscribers!

Graced by vloggers, influencers and stars as well as top executives from Google and Smart Telecommunications, they announced grand partnership offering Free Youtube Everyday.

Smart and Google Executives together with Vloggers and Influencers

Free YouTube Everyday is promo wherein you get access to Youtube for One (1) with selected Smart promotions.

List of promos that will give you Youtube Access are as follows - Gigasurf99, AllOutSurf99, Gigasurf50, Panalo Data 30, Panalo Combo 30, Super Combo 20, and Big Time Data70...

So what you waiting for? Join the fun! Watch your favorite channels and vlogs or Upload your own content as you might be the next Youtube Sensation.
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ASUS Launches AMD X470 Series Motherboards and AREZ Graphic Cards

Since its release last year, AMD’s Ryzen™ platform has reinvigorated the desktop with multithreaded horsepower plus accessible overclocking and gaming prowess. That first wave was a market revelation that touched everything from value-packed PCs to high-end gaming and content-creation rigs. And now ASUS is ready for the second wave with a fresh family of motherboards based on the new AMD X470 chipset. To top this, Asus also a new brand identity for ASUS Radeon™ RX graphics cards with AREZ-branded graphics cards.

AMD X470 Series Motherboards

The new X470 Series spans six motherboards, each with a unique spirit. The ROG Crosshair VII Hero and its Wi-Fi-equipped twin lead the lineup with a stealthy design for serious overclockers, savvy enthusiasts and gamers. Its Strix X470-F Gaming sibling makes ROG enhancements like easy tuning and next-level customization more affordable, while the Strix X470-I Gaming shrinks everything down to mini-ITX proportions for powerhouse small-form-factor systems.

The TUF X470-PLUS Gaming features military-grade components and an alliance of industry partners with a focus on functional integration that goes beyond cosmetic matching. Outside the increasingly dominant gaming sphere, the Prime X470-PRO provides a mature alternative for the content-creation and everyday-productivity audiences with a new level of user refinement and a design inspired by futuristic architecture.

Despite some differences between the series, the ASUS X470 Series is bound together by common features and capabilities. From tuning to cooling to customization, it’s designed to help users maximize their PC’s potential.

Customized performance tuning
AMD’s Ryzen revival promises faster performance and the abundance of models with unlocked multipliers gives users the freedom to push the boundaries. Even with the luxury of unlocked multipliers, CPU overclocking is limited by cooling and the individual characteristics of each chip. With a single click, the 5-Way Optimization utility accounts for both by automatically tuning fans and testing the limits of the CPU. Its integrated intelligence finds the maximum speed the system can sustain without sacrificing stability, and configurable options allow experts to fine-tune the process to suit their needs.

Auto-tuning is backed by extensive manual tweaking options that, in experienced hands, can wring every last drop of performance from a build. A new search shortcut to the UEFI lets users quickly find and modify specific settings. Once their setup is dialed in, they can export the profile to share with others, and keep a copy to reload after firmware updates wipe the slate clean. The integrated EZ Flash 3 tool simplifies firmware flashing by automatically downloading and applying the latest update entirely within the UEFI.

Cooler by design
Capable cooling is critical to both reaching and preserving peak performance, especially with Ryzen’s increasingly aggressive XFR clock-scaling algorithm opening the taps when thermal headroom allows. To minimize the accompanying acoustic footprint, airflow should be applied judiciously, only where and when it’s needed.

The X470 lineup lays the foundation with a collection of cooling headers for liquid and air. At least one header on each board is configured for AIO water coolers, so users can plug in and go without additional steps, and some models have additional headers for high-amperage pumps and liquid sensors. Connecting fans is just as easy; all the onboard headers automatically adjust for three-pin DC and four-pin PWM hardware, and the built-in calibration routine runs through each fan’s full RPM range to precisely map its behavior before users adjust the response curve.

Personalized design and Aura Sync RGB lighting
The extensive array of tweaking options on ASUS motherboards is born from a desire to give users as much freedom as possible when tuning their PC, and that ethos extends to cosmetic customization. The X470 Series sets a neutral tone with mostly monochromatic motifs that give users control over colors and effects via varying degrees of Aura Sync RGB lighting. More than just motherboard lighting, Aura Sync coordinates illumination across a growing ecosystem of compatible components covering every aspect of the system, from internal parts to external peripherals.

All X470 boards can power at least two meters of standard RGB LED strips, which is sufficient to light up an entire rig. ROG takes things to the next level with support for addressable lighting devices that expose control over individual LEDs to enable advanced effects and interactions.

The X470 Series motherboards also feature a UEFI switch that instantly disables all the RGBs and connected strips. The ROG motherboards go even further with a separate stealth mode, turning off smaller diagnostic LEDs, with the Crosshair VII Hero enforcing a complete blackout across its entire PCB.

Solid specs for gaming and more
Heavy graphics cards are a hallmark of gaming rigs, so the PCIe® x16 slots connected to the CPU have reinforced metal walls and more secure anchoring to the board. This ASUS SafeSlot treatment strengthens the slot in all directions, helping to protect the motherboard investment against physical damage from rough handling and inadvertent bumps traveling to LAN parties.

Ryzen CPUs reserve four PCI Express® 3.0 lanes for an NVMe™ SSD, and the X470 chipset adds two more for an additional drive. The X470 Series motherboards all have dual M.2 slots.

USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity built into the chipset pushes peak theoretical throughput to 10Gbps for external storage and next-gen devices. The X470 Series motherboards tap into that controller for least two ports at the rear, and most of the ATX models also include an internal header for chassis with turbocharged USB ports up front.

Intel® Gigabit Ethernet in the ROG and Prime series supplies reliable wired networking for serious gaming and fast file transfers. Onboard wireless is available on the Crosshair VII Hero (Wi-Fi) and Strix X470-I Gaming, adding convenience without giving up too much speed.

Audio enhancements like shielded codecs and premium capacitors are present across the lineup, and ROG adds dedicated amps to boost output for a range of headphones. Since input quality is increasingly important for streaming commentary to followers, coordinating strategy with squadmates, and calling into remote meetings, ASUS engineers upgraded the microphone input on the ROG and Prime boards.

ASUS X470 based motherboards are available in the Philippines this April 2019. Pricing are as follows:

PHP 21,700
ROG STRIX X470-F Gaming
PHP 13,950
PHP 13,620
PHP 12,110
PHP 10,540
 *We will only be launching the WI-FI variant of the ROG Crosshair  

For additional information, product images and specifics on the ROG, ROG Strix, Prime and TUF Gaming motherboards, please check out our ASUS EdgeUp. Additional images and in-depth overview our latest ROG and ROG Strix motherboards is located at ASUS ROG.

AREZ Graphics Card Brand

The new AREZ brand underlines the strong working partnership between ASUS and AMD. Gamers and enthusiasts will enjoy a combination of exclusive ASUS innovations and technologies and AMD’s Radeon graphics processors and software.

Extreme durability: Auto-Extreme technology and Super Alloy Power II components
AREZ graphics cards are produced using Auto-Extreme technology, 100%-automated production process that make use premium materials to set a new standard of quality, performance and longevity.

Super Alloy Power II components deliver enhanced efficiency, reduce power loss, reduce component buzzing by 50% under full load and achieve thermal levels that are approximately 50% cooler than previous designs for enhanced quality and reliability.

Hi-tech cooling: MaxContact, patented Wing-Blade IP5X-certified fans and FanConnect II
MaxContact is an industry-first GPU cooling technology featuring an enhanced copper heat-spreader that directly contacts the GPU. Select AREZ graphics cards are also constructed with up to 40% more heatsink surface area than previous dual-slot designs, further improving heat dissipation for dramatically cooler and quieter performance.

The patented Wing-Blade fan design delivers 105%-greater static pressure over the heatsink for more efficient cooling and up to 3X-quieter operation compared to other fan designs. The fans are certified under the International Protection Marking (IP code) as IP5X dust resistant for improved reliability and a longer lifespan. This stringent certification process ensures AREZ graphics cards provide optimal fan performance, even under severe operating conditions. Additionally, 0dB technology stops the fan completely when the GPU temperature is below a set level, letting players enjoy light gaming sessions in complete silence.

ASUS FanConnect II features two four-pin hybrid-controlled headers that can be connected to both PWM and DC system fans for optimal system cooling. The connected fans reference both the GPU and CPU, and operate automatically based on the one with the higher temperature. A comprehensive set of tuning options allow gamers to tune fan speeds for efficient cooling.

Software ecosystem: GPU Tweak II, plus Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition
Redesigned with an intuitive user interface, GPU Tweak II makes gaming and overclocking easier than ever, while retaining advanced options for seasoned overclockers. With one click, the Gaming Booster function maximizes system performance by removing redundant processes and allocating all available resources automatically.

AREZ graphics cards also support the latest AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition drivers for comprehensive control over AMD GPUs. Core features include power-saving Radeon Chill technology; Radeon WattMan for profile-based custom control of voltages, engine clocks and fan speeds ; and Radeon ReLive for easy capture and sharing of in-game action.

ASUS AREZ-branded graphics cards will be available from June 2018 in the Philippines.

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Asia, Next Frontier Artificial Intelligence Development

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the center of the digital transformation of organizations and even nations. By 2019, IDC predicts that 40% of digital transformation initiatives in the region will be supported by AI.

(Read here about how digital transformation will contribute more than US$1 trillion to Asia Pacific GDP by 2021, where AI is a primary catalyst for further growth)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been thrust into the tech limelight – elevating itself from science-fiction topic to one that is currently dominating conversations of today across Asia. The convergence of big data, ubiquitous and powerful cloud computing, along with breakthroughs in software algorithms and machine learning, have made exciting new scenarios in AI deployment a possibility.

With imagination and plenty of data, AI can create vast benefits at scale. In Japan for example, where Miko, an AI-power chatbot and the star of new mobile travel app Japan Trip Navigator, is helping tourists in Japan navigate its streets. Created by Microsoft in partnership with travel agency JTB Corp and navigation firm NAVITIME Co, Miko provides travelers in Japan with real-time information from official sources as well as insights from other users of the apps. Miko can also help with hotel and other bookings on the app.

What’s more, one of the more advanced and interesting capabilities of Miko is that it is imbued with image recognition functions using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services AI platform, enabling her to provide information to users through the photos that they have taken.

Asia will be key to AI Development Globally. There are three reasons why Asia:

1. AI needs data: AI is dependent on data to perform; the more data that is fed into an AI system, the better it gets. Not only does Asia have the world’s largest population, it continues to be a region that is more digitally-connected than other parts of the globe and hence can provide the massive amounts of data that AI systems need to grow.

2. AI needs talent: Whilst we anticipate the mass adoption of AI this year, there is still a long way to go for more powerful and sophisticated AI programs to be developed. To do that will require a large and strong pool of science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) talents that technology companies and research bodies can tap into to advance AI capabilities. And this talent is increasingly likely to originate from Asia. According to UBS, by 2025 the combined AI talent pool of China and India alone will exceed that of the US.

3. AI needs adoption: As stated, the more data that is fed into an AI system, the better it gets. One of the unique aspects of Asia is its large youth population, that have been born into a digital world. The UN estimates that 60% of the world’s youth population is in Asia Pacific. These “digital natives” are more receptive to digital technologies enhancing their lives. Not only that, but many Asian countries are, historically, late adopters of legacy technology, enabling them to leapfrog other nations dependent on old infrastructure and embrace new ways of living and working.

Xuedong Huang, technical fellow in charge of Microsoft’s speech, natural language and machine translation efforts. (Photo by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)

Microsoft’s AI investment in Asia

With the immense growth potential of AI in Asia, Microsoft has identified four key building block to harness AI optimally.

1. Developing AI capabilities: The AI revolution will not happen without world-class STEM talents driving R&D, and creation of programs and applications. Collaboration among governments, industry bodies and organizations to develop AI capabilities in this region will need to be a focus. A good example of this is Microsoft’s investment of US$33 million in partnership with the Taiwanese Government to create a AI R&D Hub in Taiwan to help transform the island’s technology and industrial sector.

2. Developing partner ecosystem: Microsoft is focused on transforming IT partner ecosystem across Asia to enable them to bring AI capabilities to the markets. In fact, they are committing $500m over the next two years to offer joint sales engagements with startups, along with access to our technology, and new community spaces that promote collaboration across local and global ecosystems.

3. Creating the AI platform: Microsoft continues to strengthen its hyper-scale cloud platform – Microsoft Azure – and its ability to deliver AI programs at scale securely across the world. Today, Azure is available to customers in 140 countries worldwide via 50 Azure regions across the world, more than any other cloud provider, which includes 15 here in Asia. This offers customers and partners the platform needed to deliver

4. Re-skilling Asia’s workforce: Microsoft is committed to working with public and private organizations to help re-skill existing workforce to thrive in a new AI-driven digital world. For example, the recently launched National Skills Program in South Australia provides digital skills to automotive supply chain workers whose roles were displaced by the closure of the Holden manufacturing plant in Elizabeth in late 2017.

Industry experts believe this to be Asia’s century. And Artificial Intelligence offers the region an unprecedented opportunity for growth, productivity and innovation, as well as the potential to solve some of the region’s most important societal challenges.

The revolution has begun! so strap in... It will certainly be an interesting ride.

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