Thursday, November 29, 2018

Unforgettable Portraits with Sony A7R III and Michael Yamashita

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 29 November 2018 – Sony today introduced a new campaign film starring renowned National Geographic photojournalist, Michael Yamashita. The 60 seconds film follows Mr. Yamashita on his visual journey to Ladakh, Jammu and gives a rare behind-the-scenes investigate how he captures perfect portraits.

In the short film, Mr. Yamashita shows how he uses Sony’s Eye AF technology with his trusted Sony A7R III to elevate the portraits he took throughout his journey. From the pure wonder in the curious eyes of the village children to true happiness emitting from their sparkling eyes, Mr. Yamashita faithfully captures every emotion.

“For me, the emotion is always in the eyes. That’s the single most important element to capture in a portrait. On my camera, I keep the Eye Autofocus function on constantly so that no matter where my subject is moving, wherever they are in the frame, their eyes are in perfect focus every time. Those eyes, and the emotion behind them, are going to be razor sharp,” Mr. Yamashita explained.

As Mr. Yamashita patiently waits to take the perfect shot, Sony’s Eye AF tracks the slightest eye movement of his photo subjects in detail and immortalizes the humanity of the moment in a single snap.

“With this camera (the Sony A7R III), you see in amazing detail. You can see every thread of hair, every eyelash. You don’t miss a thing,” said Mr. Yamashita.

Sony’s Eye AF technology has become one of the biggest game changers for portrait photography and is ideal for everyday photography and professional shots. With its remarkable wide auto-focus area and accurate eye detection in all conditions, Eye AF can transform one’s portraiture by bringing life to an image with perfectly-focused eyes even if subjects are wearing glasses, looking down or have their face partially hidden. Even when the subject is moving, Sony Eye AF’s high precision autofocus is capable of tracking the eyes and shooting continuously in burst mode, so photographers will never miss a winning shot again.

As the leading image sensor producer, the Eye AF innovation is made possible through Sony’s decades of pioneering advancements in imaging technology including lenses and eye detection software algorithms. Sony’s unmatched processing and superior sensor technology is offered through its mirrorless camera range.
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Lenovo launches Next Generation AMD Powered Laptops

Geeks! Lenovo updates its lineup of Laptops just in time for Chirstmas Season. Tapping Advance Micro Devices (AMD) for making use the latest AMD Ryzen Processor for unparallel performance, Lenovo latest selection of AMD-powered laptops is a sure pick for your holiday shopping!

It was just last year since AMD Ryzen processors were launched in the market delivering industry-leading performance using multi-core setup as well as simultaneous multithreading (SMT).

A total of Five Laptops with AMD Processors will be release namely Yoga 530, IdeaPAd 720S, IdeaPad 330, IdeaPad 330S and IdeaPad 130.

Lets start off with budget friendly Ideapad 130. Features big screen display at 15.6 FHD with Anti-Glare. It will come with  AMD A9-9425 / A6-9225 / A4-9125 Models. Complimenting its visuals, Audio is provided by Dolby Audio. Graphics is handled by Radeon 530 while Memory and Storage is up to 8GB DDR4 and up to 1TB HDD. Price competitively starting at 16,995.

Moving up, we have IdeaPad 330 fit for your daily needs whether for work or play. Two models for this one with 14-inch using AMD A9-9425 with up to 8GB DDR4 Memory and 15-inch AMD Ryzen 7 2700U Mobile Processor with Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics, up to 16GB DIMM. Price Starts at 26,995 Pesos.

There is a higher model when you need more power with IdeaPad 330S. Again two models with 14-incher with AMD A9-9425 and 15-incher with AMD Radeon Ryzen 7 2700U with RX Vega 10 Graphics. You can opt for upgraded graphics with AMD Radeon 540. Both has storage up to 2TB HDD SATA and up to 8GB DDR4 Memory. Starts price at 30,995.

We find ourselves to higher premium model with Lenvo IdeaPad 720S. One of its lightest laptops in their product portfolio weighing on 1.14kg and only 13.6mm thin. Powered by AMD Ryzen 7 2700U with Radeon RX Vega. Gets a 512GB PCIe SSD Storage and 8GB DDR4 RAM. This one retails for 59,995.

Finally, Yoga 530 convertible laptop with 360-degree hinge letting it transform into four modes - laptop, tablet, tent and stand. Again it gets a AMD Ryzen 7 2700U model with Radeon RX Vea 10 Graphics paired with up to 16GB DDR4 Memory and up to 512GB PCIe SSD Storag. It is priced starting at 34,995.

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ASUS Republic of Gamers Strixmas 2018 Christmas Promo!

ASUS Republic of Gamers launches Strixmas 2018 as a way to give back to our loyal fan base and those who are just about to join it!

ASUS ROG will be bundling various premium physical or digital items for different components and peripherals that users can claim online. To give you a teaser, some of the bundles will be eligible to claim a game code for either Battlefield V, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4!

To join the campaign, end-users should follow these steps. The campaign is open to end-users who will buy ASUS ROG products. Once an end-user buys the product, they can submit a claim through  Digital game codes can be redeemed through or depending on the bundle. Verification will be done within 30 business days. On the claiming site, end-users are required to enter their details, along with their proof of purchase and serial number/s of the item/s they bought. 

End-users will be eligible to receive the following after ASUS verifies their purchase:
ROG Maximus XI gaming motherboard
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Standard Edition + ROG Horsem4n figure + ROG Vintage Cap + ROG Tee Shirt  + ROG sticker set
ROG Maximus X gaming motherboard
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Standard Edition + ROG Horsem4n figure + ROG Tee Shirt  + ROG sticker set
ROG Strix Z390 gaming motherboard
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Standard Edition + ROG Vintage Cap + ROG sticker set
ROG Strix Z370 gaming motherboard
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Standard Edition + ROG Tee Shirt  + ROG sticker set
ROG Strix H370 / B360 / B450 gaming motherboard
ROG Tee Shirt + ROG sticker set
ROG Crosshair VII Hero
ROG Vintage Cap + ROG Tee Shirt + ROG sticker set
ROG Strix X470 gaming motherboard
ROG Tee Shirt  + ROG sticker set
Video Cards
ROG Strix RTX 2080Ti, RTX2080
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Standard Edition + Battlefield V + ROG Horsem4n figure + ROG-NVIDIA dri-fit shirt
ROG Strix RTX 2070
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Standard Edition + Battlefield V + ROG Gladius mouse
ROG Strix GTX 1070Ti, GTX 1070, GTX 1060 6GB
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Standard Edition
ROG Swift 27"-34"gaming monitor
ROG Horsem4n figure + ROG Vintage Cap + ROG writing notebook + ROG Tee shirt + ROG sticker set
ROG Swift 24"-25"gaming monitor
ROG Horsem4n figure + ROG Tee shirt + ROG sticker set
ROG Strix 27"- 35" gaming monitor
ROG Horsem4n figure +  ROG writing notebook + ROG Pilipinas shirt + ROG sticker set
ROG Strix 24" - 25" gaming monitor
ROG Horsem4n figure + ROG Pilipinas shirt + ROG sticker set
ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Edition
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Standard Edition + ROG Pilipinas duffle bag + ROG Vintage Cap + ROG Pilipinas shirt
ROG Rapture GT-AC5300
ROG Pilipinas duffle bag + ROG Vintage Cap + ROG Pilipinas shirt
ROG Pilipinas duffle bag + ROG Pilipinas shirt
Any ROG / Strix gaming keyboard
ROG Tee Shirt + ROG sticker set
ROG Centurion / Delta gaming headset
ROG Tee Shirt + ROG sticker set + ROG phone pocket
Any ROG Strix gaming headset
ROG Tee Shirt + ROG sticker set
Any ROG or Strix gaming mouse
ROG sticker set + ROG phone pocket
ROG Ryujin 360 / 240
ROG Vintage Cap + ROG Tee Shirt  + ROG sticker set
ROG Ryuo 240 / 120
ROG Tee Shirt + ROG sticker set + ROG phone pocket
ROG Thor 1200W / 850W
ROG Vintage Cap + ROG Tee Shirt + ROG sticker set

Open to Philippine residents only. Commercial and/or bulk purchases are automatically disqualified from the promotion.
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Pilar Trigo Bonin and BJ Pascual for Emotions Beyond Pictures with Sony A7III

MANILA PHILIPPINES, November 2018) – Portrait photography is more than just capturing the subject but creative representation of the human subject to tell a story... This style of photography revolves around the idea of capturing the essence of the subject’s identity and turn it into art.

This requires the photographer to have an intimate bond with the subject, and a connection to be able to portray an attachment with the camera.

 Pilar Trigo Bonin and BJ Pascual, today’s most sought-after portrait photographers and Sony Alpha Professionals, shares how they connect with their subjects to evoke an emotion, and what camera features they require in order to deliver high-quality materials?

Communicate with your subject 

Photo Courtesy of BJ Pascual
The subject is the hero story when it comes to portrait photography. “As a photographer, I have to relay the vision to the subject. Having a mood board helps the subject visualize the feel of the shoot and the rest is really just about chemistry.” BJ said. It’s when the subject becomes comfortable with the photographer when emotions are easier to capture.

Pilar Bonin on the other hand says that the subject’s mood is dependent on the photographer’s disposition. “Come to your shoot with great energy! Energy is contagious”, Pilar mentions. She also advised to learn how to adjust your tone, “Learn how to talk to anyone about anything. From a shy little 2-year-old to a top honcho of a corporation, as a photographer you have to make your client feel comfortable no matter what age they’re in.” Pilar added.

“Photo courtesy of Pilar Trigo Bonnin”

Resolution is Key
As portrait photographers, they only want to use the best quality camera one can have. Pilar’s work usually gets blown up from table top print to billboard size. “I need to make sure that I have enough detail and information from the megapixels and full framed sensors,” as for Pilar. She also mentioned that she uses the 85mm f/1.4 and the 100mm f2.8 STF G-Master lenses. 

BJ also mentioned that resolution is important. “I'd say 80% of my work, which I usually don’t post, consists of commercial/advertising jobs, and these involve billboards/large prints, so resolution is key.” Both agree that the 10fps capability and Eye autofocus system of the Sony Alpha series enable them to take high-quality pictures even when the subject is moving. Bj also mentioned that he is keen on using the 47-70mm f/2.8 G-Master lens for work shoots and the 35mm f/2.8 G-Master lens for travel shoots. 

Photos courtesy of BJ Pascual

Most Memorable Shoot 
Pilar Bonin says that portrait sessions are the most enjoyable for her. Although the most precious ones to her are those of her kids and loved ones. “Looking back at all their baby photos and milestones in life captured in photographs, totally priceless. I’d like to hope that all my clients feel that way of their photographs as well.” she shared.

BJ’s Bondi beach photoshoot is the most memorable one yet, “We were chasing the light, and towards the end the sun had already set. The subject and I had to produce something, and we only have a few seconds to do it. Luckily, I was shooting with an A7III at around iso32000 and the focus was still sharp!”

In doing portrait photography, remember to go skin deep. Capturing genuine emotions and unfiltered personalities, and portraying this through your photographs is how you will be able to give story to your work. Considering what camera gear to use is just as important as capturing true emotions. The Sony A7III is equipped with 35 mm full-frame image sensor and the Eye Autofocus feature giving you more detailed image quality.

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Epson EasyCare360 Eases Print Management

Epson recently launched its enterprise printing solution - EasyCare360 to ease print management for its customers nationwide.

From L-R  Malou Aguirre –Manager, Customer Support; Thea Austria,  Head - Business Printers;

Julia Avila, Product Manager -Business Printers;Eduardo Bonoan - Director of Marketing; Russel Cabrera - Manager- Product Management;Jester Cruz - Senior Management/Business Development /Sales & Mktg Support

EasyCare360 is an all-in-one solution installed in Epson printers to provide businesses printing management by monitoring the status of the unit and taking care of the consumables, spare parts, repair, and maintenance services.

“The detail-obsessed individuals in Epson are committed not only in creating the most innovative products for consumers, but also in developing solutions that will complement these products and help drive business innovation value,” said Eduardo Bonoan, marketing director for Epson Philippines. “With EasyCare360, we aim to showcase that we are capable of providing end-to-end service to our customers and ensure business continuity.”

It is a monthly subscription service which customers can buy separately from Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C869R printers. The subscription features a “pay-per-click” model for each printer, allowing customers to pay only for the total number of pages they print every month. With this, customers can control their printing costs by removing the uncertainty of buying consumables and unexpected parts for repair. EasyCare360 also minimizes printing downtime with its premium, on-call technical service, to ensure that printing operations are always up and running.

EasyCare360’s premium service is entails a dedicated technical support team, which guarantees a two-hour response time for solving on-site issues, and is available to serve customers every Mondays to Saturdays except on National Holidays, from 9 AM to 4 PM. For calls beyond 4 PM, on-site visits will be done on the next working day.

The subscription also includes free delivery of parts and consumables, remote troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, installation services, and end-user training.

Epson’s EasyCare360 is now available within Metro Manila, upon the purchase of WorkForce Pro WF-C869R units. This A3 multifunction printer offers the lowest-cost color printing in its class. Equipped with a Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), the WorkForce Pro WF-C869R delivers up to 84,000 ISO pages before changing the ink packs, which translates to fewer interventions and less hassle for users. This powerful enterprise printer also speeds through professional-quality prints at 24 ISO pages per minute (ppm) (black/color) and scans up to 25 ppm.

Learn more about EasyCare360 through Epson Customer Care hotline—Metro Manila: (02) 441-9030; Toll Free: 1-800-1069-37766 (PLDT), 1-800-3-0037766 (DIGITEL)—or visit the Epson Customer Care website:
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RCBC Savings Bank partners with AFFI to empower SMEs

RCBC Savings Bank (RSB) continues to support Filipino entrepreneurs at the AFFINITY 1st Franchise and Business Summit 2018.

Organized by the Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI) and co-presented by RSB, the summit pooled together start-up business owners, franchisors and franchisees for a series of coaching sessions and sharing of best practices featuring well-known industry experts.

 “RCBC Savings Bank and AFFI share the same vision of building up SMEs, more importantly Filipino entrepreneurs, and ensuring their success. That is why it is important to have all the good mentors you can get to help you in this journey. RSB is one of them,” said Elmer Aquino, RSB national product head for SMEs. Aside from supporting the business summit, RSB will also collaborate with AFFI to develop an SME loan geared towards the entrepreneurs’ unmet needs.

It has been since January 2018, RSB has been conducting a series of Grow SME forums nationwide to empower and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners with the right entrepreneurial mindset and financial management.

RSB vice president and national product head for SMEs Elmer Aquino receives a plaque of appreciation from AFFI president Marie-Joyce Co Yu during the AFFINITY 1st Franchise and Business Summit 2018. Joining them are (from right) AFFI chairman Enrique Pablo Caeg, corporate secretary Jelyn Chung, and vice president for Education Jose Carlos Martinez.
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eSports now part of SEA Games 2019! in partnership with Razer

Finally eSports is now a recognized medal sport, a first time in history, now part the 30th SEA Games 2019!

Allan Peter Cayetano, Chairman of Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee (PhilSGOC) said they welcome the community of gamers to inclusive community of SEA Games.

Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO led the push to elevate eSports to be recognized by meeting with Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee (PhilSGOC) and the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) on multiple occasions to work towards this goal.

eSports has boom with this generation with more than 2.3 billion gamers worldwide, and 71 percent of millennials considering themselves as gamers. It is projected to be a billion-dollar industry by next year as well as global esports audience is expected to reach 276 million by 2022.

The inclusion of eSports as a medal event is an important step in legitimizing esports as a true world-class sporting contest.

“The Philippines is the first host country to stage an eSports tournament as a medal event. This lends credence to professional gaming as a true world-class sporting contest, as it engages a new generation of gaming fans,” said Alan Peter Cayetano, PhilSGOC Chairman. “Razer is a pioneer and a prime mover in esports, and we cannot ask for a better partner in this historic journey,” Cayetano added.

In line with this, Razer is official esports partner of SEA Games 2019. Razer will draw upon its expertise and experience in esports, as well as its ecosystem of hardware, software and services to support the eSports tournament at SEA Games 2019. This includes discussions between PhilSGOC and various game publishers to select the games that will be featured at the SEA Games esports tournament. The final line-up of game titles to be contested at SEA Games 2019 will be revealed in the next few months and is said to cover mobile, console and pc games.

Razer will also be supporting the final crop of Team Philippines eSports athletes who will represent the host country at the finals.

“Esports has been the essence of Razer ever since we were founded, and we have supported countless global events, tournaments, teams, and athletes over the past decade and a half,” said Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan. “The sportsmanship and fighting spirit seen in esports is no less than that of other sports, and we’ve fought hard for its inclusion in an international sporting event like the SEA Games 2019.”

Razer and PhilSGOC are already in talks with some of the world’s biggest names in gaming, working towards an exciting roster of titles that will engage fans of all genres.

The first game partner that Razer and PhilSGOC are announcing for the SEA Games 2019 is Moonton, the publisher behind the hugely popular title Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

Justin Yuan, CEO and co-founder of Moonton Games, said, “SEA Games 2019 is the perfect platform to propel Mobile Legends: Bang Bang into the big leagues, given our strong user base here as well as the region’s fast-growing youth and millennial population. Razer’s role as the official esports partner gives us confidence that the tournament will be nothing short of phenomenal. We look forward to seeing Southeast Asia’s best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players face off against each other.”

More details will be announced soon like game publishers, event detailsfac. Game publishers, aspiring athletes, and everyone in the community are encouraged to rise to the occasion and play their part in this unprecedented international esports event. Interested parties may find out more and sign up to receive updates at:

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Sony Philippines Unwrap the Season Christmas Promo

December is just around the corner! Festivities starting to unfold left and right. Geeks you might want to check out what Sony Philippines has to offer with their Unwrap the Season Promotion!

Sony BRAVIA TV for Mom

Give your mom a Sony Bravia TV! She would appreciate watching her favorite korean novela or tv series on Wide Immersive Display with Sony's line-up of BRAVIA OLED and 4K HDR TVs that is part Sony’s Unwrap the Season Promotions. You got the best deals in the market to give her and the whole family a whole new TV experience.

A Gift for Dad who is always on-the-go

Surprise your dad with superior sound quality and a stylish design with excellent noise cancellation technology. Sony’s in-ear active/sports headphones is the perfect Christmas present for dads and their active lifestyles. They surely enjoy listening to their tracks in  with these headphones that are up for sale this season.

Picture-perfect gift for your sister

Support your sister's dream to be a blogger, vlogger or influencer to up her Instagram game with a Sony camera that provides #SelfieGoals, #TravelGoals, and #PictureGoals. Score the best deals for Sony α Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras and G-Master Lenses, and Sony Cyber-shot RX-100 series-- the ideal gifts for beginners to Pro photographers.

Extra bass boost for your Bro this Christmas

Your brother may be on the naughty or nice list, but you can still get him some extra love with the Extra Bass speakers and headphones on sale. Get him some joy, merriment, and extra bass with the Sony Extra Bass Headphones & Speakers to party on with his friends this Christmas!

All I want for Christmas is my Sony PlayStation

Time to indulge yourself and be your own Santa with a Sony PlayStation that would keep you entertained the whole year round. Since you work so well, it is time to play hard to eliminate the stress away this Christmas Season.

Check out the biggest deals of the season with up to 15% off on select Sony products and other amazing promo offerings. Sony Philippines’ “Unwrap the Season” promotion will run from November 16, 2018 until January 13, 2019 at all major retail partners and Sony Centers nationwide.

For more information, you may visit as well as,,,, and
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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Camera Shoot Out Asus Zenfone 5Q and Vivo V9

Hi Geeks! Look what we have here. Asus Zenfone 5Q and Vivo V9 which are both camera-centric phones. Let's do a camera shoot out shall we?

First off, lets have a brief summary of their specs.

Asus Zenfone 5Q sports 6 inch 18:9 Full HD+ Display with 2.5D Curved Glass. Makes use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Octa-Core Processor with Adreno 508 coupled with 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage. Runs Android Nougat topped with ASUS own ZenUI. Carries a 3300mAh Battery. As for camera, ASUS equipped it with "True Quad-Camera Setup" with 20MP (f2.2) + 8MP Wide Rear Cameras and 16MP + 8MP Wide Front Cameras.

Meanwhile, Vivo V9 comes with a 6.3 inch 18:9 FHD+ Display on 2.5D Curved GG3. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 Octa-Core Processor with Adreno 506 GPU matched with 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage. Runs on latest Android 8.1 Oreo with FunTouch OS 4.0. Battery is at 3260mAh. Camera 16MP f(2.0) + 5MP Dual Rear Camera Setup and a 24MP Front Camera.

Specs wise seems they similar with ASUS offering more on the plate. However Vivo V9 is ahead in terms of software.

Moving on the Shoot Out. No Edit. SOOC. NO HDR. ALL AUTO.

We Test Daylight Shots
ASUS Zenfone 5Q

Vivo V9
Zenfone 5Q Wide

This was taken in auto mode. Highlights on the Zenfone 5Q is overexposed as seen with the lantern on the street post. Vivo V9 camera algorithm is good in detecting the scene and worked its output with better dynamic range and accurate white balance. Although Zenfone 5Q has a second wide camera which gives it an advantage as you can capture more scene.

Focus and detail can be seen with Macro Shots. Again this is taken with Auto and is point and shoot.

Zenfone 5Q

Vivo V9
Here however you would appreciate Zenfone 5Q moderation for its shadows that produce better shot for macro as details of feather popped out. Vivo V9 aggressive algorithm seems to work against it for macro as details were missed out for the price of dynamic range. Sometimes, you really need to shadows to see micro details of items. Bright is not always good.

Zenfone 5Q

Vivo V9
Haha Kitty. Anyways here is my selfie with this adorable cat. I get brighter and vibrant images with front camera of Vivo V9 than that of Zenfone 5Q. Well Vivo does focuses more on selfies but Zenfone 5Q offers a Wide Angle Selfie Camera which you will appreciate especially for tight situations.

Zenfone 5Q Wide Selfie

Sunset Shot
Low light and colors
Zenfone 5Q

Vivo V9
Vivo V9 dynamic range shows however it lacks color. Zenfone 5Q took better shot of this sunset with its vibrant skies and details on the clouds that matched what I saw as the day ends.

Guess that concludes our shootout. Both is good depending on the scene. Vivo V9 takes brighter shots and have good dynamic range however they should adjust their camera algorithm where it adjust according to scene. Zenfone 5Q is very versatile with good color reproduction, focus and detail plus having wide cameras on the front and back gives you additional lens for capturing more.
Asus Zenfone 5Q is now priced at 12,995 while Vivo V9 is at 14,999. So what you think? Which will you buy?

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Friday, November 16, 2018

ASUS and ROG Share 2018 Christmas Promo

It's Christmas Season! Sparkling lights, glistening decors and of course gifts! ASUS and the number one gaming brand in the country, Republic of Gamers (ROG) once again takes part in delighting us with the most exciting gift bundles this year with their incredible Share 2018 Christmas Promo!

Unleash your gaming supremacy and bring home ROG premium bundles worth over PHP 60,000 when you purchase select ASUS ROG or ASUS FX “TUF Gaming” Series Notebooks and Desktops in participating ROG Concept Stores and Authorized Dealers nationwide. Share the Ultimate Gaming experience with your love ones. Playing Games with more people is much more fun.

Bring home these limited edition ROG premium bundle items for every purchase the participating ROG and ASUS FX “TUF Gaming” devices...

Experience Incredible with ASUS Premium Laptops. 

Purchase select ASUS Notebooks between November 15 to December 31, 2018 in all participating ASUS Concept Stores and Authorized Dealers nationwide and get corresponding Sperry Gift Certificate on the following devices:

“We started Share 2017 last year with a goal of sharing incredible value-for-money devices for our fans. This year, is the same but we want to recognize the value that Filipinos associate sharing their blessings with their friends and loved ones during the holiday season—no doubt this is one of the inherently Filipino practices that we want to share with our fans and end-users. Share 2018 builds up on that culture by sharing value-added deals that potential ASUS users can get when they choose ASUS or ROG as their next device of choice,” said George Su, Country Manager, ASUS Philippines System Business Group.

Visit for the full mechanics and complete details of the ASUS and ROG Share 2018 Christmas Promo. Visit any ASUS and ROG Concept Stores and Partner Dealers Nationwide...
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Honor for Shopee Super Brand Day Sale!

Geeks! Looking to buy a new phone? You are in luck! Get exciting deals and discounts on Honor Smartphones with Shopee Super Brand Day Sale!

Now is your chance to level up your smartphone game with an Honor phone! In partnership with Shopee Philippines, Honor will be part of their exciting Super Brand Day sale happening on November 16 to 19, 2018 only! 

When using your Shopee mobile application, you can get exciting deals and discounts up to as much as 15% off some of your favorite Honor handsets--that could be as much as Php 3,500 off so shop away!

Here is price guide for you guys!

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Alcatel Returns with Experience Now

Geeks! This November, Alcatel will be officially making its comeback to the Philippine market!

There’s no better time to live than in the present. ‘Now’ is the instant where joy occurs. It’s where we live, laugh, explore, and engage with the world. Life is spontaneous and dynamic, make sure you get the most out of it.

With new Alcatel devices that helps Filipinos maximize the experience of ‘now’, while being affordable and accessible for everyone. The brand’s strong French heritage has smartphones designed to always be ready to help capture those spontaneous and ever-changing joyful moments that make up life.

"The new Alcatel smartphones were created as part of our vision to make great mobile technology accessible to everyone," said Rudolph Santos, Alcatel Philippines Country Head. "Our goal is simple – to make people smile. We believe in innovation that creates and enhances moments of joy for everyone, so we are very excited to bring our new line of smartphones to the Filipino people.”

Alcatel will be launching 6 new models that cater to all lifestyles. Whether you’re a savvy professional, an avid gamer, a techy creative, or a nomadic millennial, you can be sure there’s an Alcatel for you.

“With these new smartphones, we want to empower you to create, share and elevate every moment, and above all, to find new ways to enjoy and experience your own personal joy, now” said Rudolph Santos.

Alcatel’s new smartphones will be available soon at MemoXpress stores and other retailers nationwide (Techbox, Vertext, Wow, Exoression Mobile, RC Goldline, Cybertab and Accessone). Be sure to catch the unveiling of Alcatel’s 6 new smartphones on November 28, 3pm via Alcatel and MemoXpress Facebook page: and

Standby as we wait for their official launch.
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