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"Geek" + "Schick" (german for chic) + Ten  (1.0)
Name is complicated but obviously Geek Chic was the inspiration.

How Geekschicksten started?
Like any of you geeks is a fan of tech blogs. I contribute and tip if I find some information. I am good at research and finding stuff and always have been a go to person by my family and friends when it comes to gadgets and computing. One day, found a scoop and tipped of one of my idols in the blogging scene via twitter. The Tech Website posted it but unfortunately no credit was made. It was no biggie, actually my idol apologized such that one of his writers took the story. Idea came to me if why not I be the source of information for billions of people around the world. Was just at home because I resigned from my previous work and had to rest to regain my health. So I was bored and needed an outlet. I started to write something that have always been dear to me "Technology" and so Geekschicksten was born.

About Myself
Kal Lorena
Economist, Financial Analyst, Graphic Artist, Blogger, Marketing and Advertising Affiliate, Photography Enthusiast and Handyman Extraordinaire.

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