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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

GoSPCE Discover, Book, Share and Earn with SPACE

August 8, 2017, Makati - Marks the soft release of revolutionary booking platform that lets you find the Space that you need or want, GoSPCE.

What makes GoSPCE unique is the Spaces that they are offer as it is not define to stay but can be for work and play. Space can be co-working space, meeting room or desk for which you can do your work. Wait a minute, not just that. Imagine you can book a photo studio, helipad or a prime penthouse with a magnificent view that is a perfect location for our photography. Other than those, you can also book kitchens, restaurants and even open spaces. This lets you have tons of possibilities not limiting your choices but makes other prime spaces and location available for your use. Your time can also be flexible as you can book the Space by the hour, day, or long as a month. This is what GoSPCE is offering on the consumer side.

Owners of the Spaces are the Hosts. With GoSPCE, the Hosts earns from rental of their Spaces. Imagine you have a vacant lot in prime location but it is just idle. What you can do is to partner with GoSPCE and earn! This just not apply to lots but Spaces - it might be a condo unit, kitchen or housing. Businesses or Organizations can also join as they may open their lobby, offices, and other properties. GoSPCE enables individuals and entities to maximize the use of their dormant spaces, inventories and properties.

Applying to be host is easy. You have to ensure your tax and business permits are available. You will be asked to provide very important business details for onboarding process. Fill out the form and then undergo validation process to see if the host passed the requirements to ensure that these spaces will suit the needs of the guests. You don’t have to wait for that long you will receive an email within 1-3 days.

GoSPCE Android App

GoSPCE is quite promising platform. From finding the coolest spaces to work and play at and earning money from unused spaces. I feel a revolution coming. They cover Metro Manila as of now but will expand further to Major Cities in the Philippines. Said to target other southeast markets.

GoSPCE website is up for you to explore and try. Quite easy to sign up as a guest either via your email or facebook. Check them out here > They have an Android App > GoSPCE Android

For inquiries on hosting. Feel Free to +63 02 810 5474 and