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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Huion launches their new Pen Tablets and Displays for Philippine Market!

Here is a new brand that will cater to your creative and graphics technology needs. Huion makes its way to Philippine Market.

Huion based in Shenzen, China but has been catering to Japan,Taiwan,Singapore, South Korea, France, United States and Netherlands and more than 100 countries and regions with their digital pen and display products.

Huion is offering wide range of products in different sizes and at winner price points.

Starting of with their Pen Tablets. If you need a small but affordable, you might check out Huion K46 6" x 4" with 2048 levels of pressure, 5080 lines per inch resolution and 233 points per second report rate. Huion 1060+ is a medium Pen Tablet at 10" x 6.25" with same levels of pressure, lpi, pps but has customizeable 12 express keys and 16 function keys. But if you want Multitouch Medium Tablet then check out Huion G10T. These three has pressure sensitive and cordless pen. SRP are Huion K46 for 2,290 Pesos, 1060+ for 5,890 and G10T for 8,890 Pesos.

Need more sensitivity? Then check out their newest Inspiroy H640P and H950P with 8192 pressure sensitiviy still at 5080 lines per inch resolution and 233 pps report rate. Oh you need not charge as it is a Battery-free Pen Tablet! H640P is smaller one with 6 customizable keys while H950P is medium pen tablet with 8 customizable keys. Priced at 2,790 Pesosfor H640P while H950P at 5,890 Pesos.
Huion also offers Pen Display for bigger working space. Huion GT190 offers 16" x 10" large Pen Display at 1440 x 900 resolution with same level of pen pressure, lines per inch, and pps report rate of that of Pen Tablets. Not enough then GT220 with 21.5" Pen IPS Display with HDMI interface. Respectively price for 20,890 and 39,890 Pesos.

At those prices, Huion is worth consideration for creatives and graphic design. Built quality is good per testing and sensitivity is on point.

Huion is partnered with American Technology, Inc. as their distributor. Most of their products are now available right now. Found available at Villman Philippines.

Other than ATI, Huion also partners with Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE) and Our Lady of Fatima University for their endeavor in the field of education.

They are also exhibitors in iArt Fest Manila 2017 happening today until July 22, 2017 at World Trade Convention Center. You can check and try out their products.

For More information you can visit their Facebook Page > Huion Philippines